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At Inner Sun Integrative Wellness, We are fully aware that health and wellness is not limited purely to physical health. Mental, emotional, and physical health are also interconnected. If one area is suffering, then so will the others. After all, thoughts, feelings, and actions fuel and create momentum with one another.

We will help you stay positive, motivated, and clear headed with tools such as Meditation/Yoga, Physical Training and Nutritional Guidance so you can be fully prepared to tackle aspects of your physical life like your job! The emotions are our response system and guide to remind us if something feels good or not, so we can make tweaks to your habits and lifestyle at large. With our approach we are CONSTANTLY checking into, and helping you build your emotional bank balance, the balance that drives us to want to fill it with more feel good things, people, and circumstances.

At Inner Sun Integrative Wellness we look at actions, thoughts, and feelings as either investments or comfort zones. We seek to identify which of the thought, emotional, or behavioral patterns are keeping us from reaching our desired emotional bank balance that we constantly try and fill by emptying our wallets with comfort zone habits.




Personal Training and Nutritional Guidance

Although physical health and fitness is just one piece of the wellness puzzle, It is a key component that is necessary. Mental, physical, and emotional health are all interdependent upon one another. One aspect cannot flourish unless the other is kept in balance as well.

Keeping the body fit and youthful in a balanced, healthy approach is what we strive for as Certified Trainers and Nutritionists. Some benefits to adhering to a physical training and nutritional plan may include higher overall energy levels, increased confidence, motivation, mental clarity and peace, increased strength and athletic performance, increased stability, a newfound overall pleasure and zest for life, longevity and youthfulness, and the list goes on.

We can also provide you with detailed nutritional information and meal plans to suite your individual goals whether it be strength gains and performance, or healthier choices for weight loss and overall well being. We are well trained in mainstream as well as alternative diets and eating protocols so we can help meet you on familiar ground to where you are at on your personal journey.

We offer Zoom and Skype based training as well as in person. Whether your goals are to gain muscle, lose body fat, maintain your current physique, or just to tone up a little, we can craft you a well structured workout and nutrition plan to meet your needs.


Personalized & Group Yoga and/or Meditation

Mindfullness is key when it comes to health and happiness in life. We want to create the most Ideal reality for ourselves, and that comes with what we allow ourselves to entertain on a thought level, especially since our actions are fueled by thoughts.

We offer Zoom and Skype based meditation and yoga, as well as in person, facilitated by Certified Yoga and Meditation Teachers. The session is personalized to your goals and needs: mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Types of Yoga offerings:

  • Yin and Restorative

  • Vinyasa Flow

  • Power Yoga

  • Kundalini Yoga

We also offer Sound Healing Meditation and Yoga

Visit our Facebook page for our weekly Yoga and Meditation offerings: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2909043512705544


Reiki & Energy Work Modalities

Reiki is a gentle, completely non-invasive practice that promotes balance and well-being. Reiki involves light touch of the practitioner’s hands on or slightly above the client's body. The intent is to realign and strengthen the flow of energy, tapping down the sympathetic response (fight or flight) and promoting the parasympathetic (calm or restorative) response, thereby decreasing pain , easing muscle tension, speeding healing, improving sleep and generally enhancing the body's natural ability to heal itself. This service can be done in person, or in the comfort of your own home by using Skype. Distance does not hold a barrier to the ancient practice of Reiki and energy work.

Reiki Benefits:

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Increase relaxation

  • Relieve stress

  • Promote feelings of peace, wellness and balance

  • Energize and rejuvenate the mind and body

  • Restore balance to the chakra system


Shamanic Integrative Guidance Session

This service is a highly personalized counseling session for the individual's unique needs. We use a modern day approach to timeless methods that help heal the mental, spiritual, and emotional body. Using tools like guided meditations, mind-reprogramming affirmation crafting, commitment and statement letters, and completion parts work to help weed out which lifestyle choices and actions are just perpetuating the need for comfort zones in life. This service is to help create and sow healthy investments minded habits in your reality for that amazing long satisfaction and happiness that we are really craving. Integration is about helping bring that voice that knows best for us in the long run into our reality, to gain power of the voice of despair that wants to keep us locked in our bad habits. These sessions can also be done online.


Complimentary 45 minute Consultation

We can chat online or over the phone so that we can learn about your unique goals and needs. Here we can assess you in a way that helps us find a roadmap to your optimal self. Send us a message below so that we can schedule some time to meet.


The Inner Sun Integrative Wellness Story

Melanie and Louis came together as a couple in 2018 and from the very beginning it was clear that they had a purpose together. They each both had their own lifelong trials and tribulations, in which many of the wellness modalities they use and share today helped them overcome. Through the realms of addiction, depression, anger, lack of purpose, and lack of motivation, they each came to their own healing path. Both had come to similar awakenings through meditation, yoga, and shamanic practices. That through those practices, along with eating healthy and exercising, they could free themselves and help other's do the same. Being health and wellness coaches together felt like a calling that no words could describe, and so they created Inner Sun Integrative Wellness in hopes that humanity could come together in health, wellness, and happiness.


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